Renewing of the Mind Workshop: Week 1 Plan

SAMSUNG DIGIMAX A503If you’d like to develop a renewing-of-the-mind habit, here is a plan you can use for next week.

If any of these assignments don’t make sense or you need some ideas on how to do them, ask me in the comments below.

We’ll try to make this post be our “meeting each other in the living room for coffee, treats, and conversation” post for those of you who want to share the journey. Here’s your plan for the week:

Week One Plan

Today: Buy a journal you can use for this project. If you think you might want to throw away some of your entries so no one sees them, get a journal with pages you can tear out.

Monday: Do the Bible study I’ll be posting. I’ll try to post Bible studies early in case you want to do them for your morning quiet time.

Tuesday: Look at the chart you made for yesterday’s Bible study. Can you think of any Scripture verses that tie in with the truths you wrote for God’s side of the chart? Choose one of those verses and write a Scripture prayer about your goal, using that verse as your guide.

Wednesday: Read the post for the day. Choose one Bible verse and write a Scripture prayer in your journal. You can either pray the prayer for your new year’s goal or for your goal of developing a renewing-of-the-mind habit.

Thursday: Truth journal about something that is currently going on in your life, preferably regarding your goal. For example, if your goal is to be grateful and something just happened to make you discontent or worried or stressed out, truth journal about that. After you’re through truth journaling, ask yourself this question: Is there anything I need to accept? Then accept it. (Even though it’s hard!)

If you’re new to truth journaling, don’t spend too much time thinking before you write. Just spill out your thoughts. The thinking part comes in when you look at each sentence, one at a time, to see if it’s true.

Friday: Read the post on list truth journaling and do a list truth journal for your goal. Here is another example of list truth journaling: click here.

Saturday: Read Practical Truth vs. Biblical Truth and make a chart for your goal.

Sunday: Have a great, long quiet time and soak in God’s presence. If something bugs you, truth journal about it. (Note: There’s a reason I gave the last part of this assignment on the day you go to church!)

Comments: Come back and let me know how you’re doing this week if you get a chance.

P.S. If you click on the bold words above,  you’ll find links to a post talking about that subject. You can also do a search on my blog for a topic you’re interested in – just use that little search box over on the right.

P.P.S. If you feel like giving up on your new year’s resolution this week, click here.

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9 Responses to Renewing of the Mind Workshop: Week 1 Plan

  1. Barb says:

    Hi Everyone, I just finished today’s assignment. Even though I’d just made one of those charts the other day, I made another one for this morning. Here’s what surprised me: God taught me a whole new layer of truth today. I wrote slightly different things on the left and He revealed more truth on the right. It would be incredible to break free from perfectionism and fear of rejection (because of my “imperfectness”). I’m excited to see what He’ll do!

  2. One of the things I’m doing as well is memorizing specific, strategic verses of scripture that deal with certain struggles and areas I want to improve.

    • Barb says:

      I am still not doing that I hate to say. I almost always have Scripture verses at hand to pray through, but I’d like to memorize Bible verses so I could meditate on them in the middle of the night. I guess I need to put that on my daily to-do list or it won’t happen.

      • Sing them Barb! This helps me! (((HUGS)))

        • Barb says:

          That’s interesting, Elizabeth. Do you just make up a melody to go with them?

          • Yes I do most times. But I learned this from First Place for Health. They have CDs where they sing verses also. I recommend buying the CDs that are pre- 2012, because now they sing the verses with very contemporary fast music and you lose the thought/meaning. :o(

            • Barb says:

              I tried just making up a song for a verse I started memorizing today and that was helpful, too. I put a verse on my list and I’m going to make a consistent effort! I think I haven’t been that motivated because I have such a terrible memory. That’s neat that First Place for Health has songs for verses!

  3. tcavey says:

    You are so encouraging and thorough. God is using you to help people break through- thank you for sharing!

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