Renewing of the Mind Workshop: Week 3 Plan

IMG_0774How’s everyone doing? We’re into our third week now which is often about the time we get bored or discouraged and think about pitching the whole works.

If you don’t have a study buddy or accountability partner, I would encourage you to get one if you need help forging on. E-mail accountability works great, too, if you have an Internet friend that might help.

I’ve been slacking off on my goal, I hate to say, especially since I’m the Bible study writer. I think I’m telling myself, You’re so busy writing blog posts you don’t have time to do it. Plus volunteering, going to training seminars, trying to come up with a new blog design, etc., etc.

It’s easy to put other things ahead of spiritual goals, isn’t it? Since they’re not urgent, we put them off.

If you’re having this problem, you may need to adjust your plan. Choose something you’ll be able to make yourself do.  I’m switching my plan – I’ll renew my mind once a day as a part of my quiet time. That’s something I can make myself do.

The renewing of the mind will eventually change your desires, so use any bursts of self-control to make yourself renew your mind. Here’s this week’s plan for our project.

Week 3 Plan

Monday: Read Monday’s post and make a “Good and Bad List” for your goal.

Tuesday: Most of us struggle with entitlement. We feel like we deserve the good life, the easy life, the fair life, or even the “I should be able to work without being interrupted life.” Have you experienced feelings of entitlement in the area of your goal? Explain. If so, do the Entitlement Bible Study with your goal in mind.

Wednesday: Read Wednesday’s post. Then do a truth journal entry for your goal. When you’re through, ask yourself: Is there anything I need to accept? Then accept it – even though it’s hard! (Note: I may change this one later since I don’t know what I’m posting on Wednesday yet!)

Thursday: Read Christian Couch Potatoes, then answer these questions in your journal: What kind of “training” have you been doing to reach your goal? What renewing of the mind “exercises” have been the most effective in changing the way you think? Is there anything you need to change about the way you’ve been training?

Friday: When it comes to your goal, you probably have two trials: the trial that prompted you to make the goal and the trial of working on your goal Do the Bible study “Keeping the Faith in the Storms of Life” with one of those trials in mind.

Saturday: Sometimes weekends are harder than week days when it comes to following through on our goals. Start the morning with some preparation truth, and try to write a Scripture prayer in your journal after lunch.

Sunday: Print out the Insecurity Bible verses, grab a cozy blanket, and lie down on the couch or bed. Put on some nice soft music if you like and pray through the insecurity verses. Picture God doing the things He says He’ll do for you in those verses and basque in His presence.

P.S. I’ll have two or three more posts this week and then I’ll be taking a short blogging break to revamp my blog, then a few more renewing of the mind posts after that. My new address will be either or

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4 Responses to Renewing of the Mind Workshop: Week 3 Plan

  1. Wonderful Barb! Wow!! Great layout! I’m excited to start this! Thank You! (((HUG)))

  2. Lee says:

    Hey Barb, I agree with you that having an accountability partner is essential and I wondered if you know of anyone working thru either this study or the emotional eating book that might be interested in being an email partner?!
    Thanks for your faithfulness in providing quality materials for us – you are truly gifted!

    • Barb says:

      Thank you, Lee! I appreciate that encouragement! That’s a great idea to see if anyone here would like some e-mail accountability. I don’t know of anyone right now, but I’ll keep my ears open and comment again if I hear of someone. I’m going to be switching my blog to another platform in the next couple of weeks so if you’ve already signed up to get the comments on this post, you may need to sign up again once I switch.

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